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What is it about wallpaper that makes a room feel special, feel loved in, turns a house into a home?

There are some rooms that lend themselves more to wallpaper than others I think, and by that I mean, wallpaper can really transform them.

I love wallpaper in ‘good’ sitting rooms. I think wallpaper can make a room that isn’t used that often, feel really cosy and comfortable rather than feeling rather bare and cold. I detest rooms that feel cold, yes, a warm colour in paint can warm them up but you can’t beat a wallpaper that fits the look of the room for adding character and comfort.

Little Trees wallpaper. Picture from House to Home

I often think that downstairs loos can be a tad bare too. Often quite small, there is usually just room for the toilet and a small sink, perhaps a small bin on the floor. Wallpaper doesn’t take up any room!  I’ve found that the ‘Un Dimanche A Paris’ to be a really popular wallpaper for the smallest room in the house  – people like it as it is stylish, quirky, fun, brightly coloured and it isn’t too expensive either.

Photo from Living Etc

Master Bedroom – wallpaper on the feature wall behind the bed definitely adds something to the main bedroom – be it drama, cosiness, more colour, more interest or perhaps all of the above.  The only thing I don’t like about wallpaper in the bedroom is if it matches the curtains – I prefer designs that co-ordinate rather than match exactly.

What do you think? Do you think that wallpaper makes some rooms that bit more special and homely?

If you are looking to buy wallpaper online, do check out the designs available here.


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Looking for something different for a feature wall in your living room? What about these wallpaper panels by Scandinavian Surface laid horizontally across one wall with a striking paint as a backdrop?  At 280 cm long, that would work on any room that is up to 9.3 feet wide.

Wallpaper Panels for feature walls

It would also work really well as a headboard for a feature wall in a bedroom. What do you think?

You can purchase these wallpaper panels online here to add some drama to your home.

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I’m liking this idea from Harlequin’s method of showcasing their wallpaper collections – simply beg or borrow some wallpaper remnants from friends or stores or use your own remnants from wallpapering other rooms and brighten up a bare wall by framing your favourite wallpapers within some chunky, elaborate yet plainly painted picture frames.

They are too nice to be simply left on the floor though – these would make a fabulous feature wall.

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I’m loving this image from the Delphine collection of wallpapers in Harlequin.

Of course, they are showcasing  their designs by creating this patchwork effect but if you have less than a roll of a couple of designs that all have similar tones and co-ordinate (or even clash against each other) it can be a budget-friendly, eco-friendly (preventing waste) and fun way to create a feature wall in your bedroom.

It’s a clever way to incorporate the warm whites, the mustards and yellows, the teals and turquoises and as they are teamed with a plain painted floor and plain bedlinen, it looks superb with a couple of co-ordinating cushions.

Perfect too for if you are a first time wallpaperer as you don’t even have to worry about matching up the repeats within the designs.

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I’m loving this picture of Cole and Son’s Cow Parsley wallpaper in yellow – it looks so vibrant and yet not overwhelming here, quite restful too as it is within a panel and teamed with white.  I have to admit that yellow is not a colour that I have used much in my home despite it being quite sunny.

Isn’t it really restful?  Other yellow wallpapers I like include these by Miss Print : Cotton Tree and Saplings.

Do you have yellow wallpaper in your home?  I love it teamed with white – I think it would put one in a permanently good and positive mood!

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If you are looking to create a feature on part of a wall or looking for a means to break up a long wall such as a long corridor, these wall panels by Scandinavian Surface are perfect. These particular ones are like the paint cards and really bring colour blocking into your interior design scheme.

These wallpaper panels are also perfect for delineating a space, such as the eating area in a kitchen cum dining room.  They would also work well in an open plan space if you wish to delineate a study or work area or the dining area for example.

Each of the colours has a striking or romantic sounding name too – lots of interest and drama with these panels. Perfect for using on their own or co-ordinating with the other colours.

Each individual wallpaper panel is €80/£70 each online here.

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I spotted this over on pinterest (source was google.com which was a bit strange!) but isn’t it a brilliant feature wall for a girl’s bedroom and so easy to do too. This doll’s house feature wall is very retro in style but you could use any wallpaper. You could even use different wallpapers for the door and windows than the rest of the house – all you would need is 3 different wallpapers – one for the body of the house, one for the roof and one for the chimney, front door and windows if you want to make it a bit snazzier than this one.  I love the flowers popping out of the ‘chimneypot’.

What do you think? Isn’t this so simple and so gorgeously effective?

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