Fancy a cup of tea and some cucumber sandwiches. This new ‘Afternoon Tea’ wallpaper design by Yukari Sweeney design is very very pretty and is perfect for a dining room. Coming in four colourways – Blueberries, Cocoa, zesty Orange and soft Soda, there’s a colour to suit every mood you might like to create:

Wallpaper Afternoon Tea

Isn’t the design pretty? I’m loving the shapes of the teapot and teacup and the jelly or blancmange.

It’s not an inexpensive wallpaper at £150/€195/$295 per roll but it is exquisite.  The quality is so good, it almost looks handpainted.  You can check out the other colourways here as well as buying this beautiful wallpaper online.


Looking for something different for a feature wall in your living room? What about these wallpaper panels by Scandinavian Surface laid horizontally across one wall with a striking paint as a backdrop?  At 280 cm long, that would work on any room that is up to 9.3 feet wide.

Wallpaper Panels for feature walls

It would also work really well as a headboard for a feature wall in a bedroom. What do you think?

You can purchase these wallpaper panels online here to add some drama to your home.

English Robin Wallpaper – there are so many bird wallpapers available now that it can be hard to choose just one to write about.  I’m actually slightly spooked by birds in fabric and wallpaper – it is almost like I feel they will come to life and fly around the room. When a friend purchased a bird fabric for her bedroom, I just looked at her in amazement, knowing that I’d never be able to sleep with bird fabric fluttering in a summer breeze. I’m not afraid of actual bird though so it’s all a bit bizarre. Maybe I saw ‘The Birds’ at a young age!

English Robin - Barneby Gates

English Robin by Barneby Gates is a lovely design, I love the berries on the branches and the robins sitting sedately. I’m not so sure about the larger robin flying but that’s my weird hangup I think!

English Robin Wallpaper

What rooms would you choose for these wallpapers?  I’d love the cream one in a bedroom if I didn’t have a hangup about birds and the jade in a hall or study.  It would look fabulous in a boutique or a salon too.  You can buy both these bird wallpapers online right here.

You don’t need wallpaper to create a feature wall as you can easily create a feature with a wall of framed photographs or pictures or colourful wallhangings. I like the simplicity of this Coat Tree wall decal by Ferm Living – especially perfect for small hallways.  It can become a ‘working’ coat hook stand by placing hooks over the sticker in the relevant places – how clever!

The coat tree wall decal can be purchased online here for almost worldwide delivery.

The term ‘skeletons in the closet’ usually refers to dark secrets closely held by a family to try and ensure that they stay a secret.  Elli Popp’s ‘Skeletons in the Closet’ wallpaper design is certainly different – it does feature skeletons within a leaf design along with striking blue butterflies and corsetted ladies, cute puppies and scissors!

It certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted and would make a superb statement in particular rooms. You can buy it online here. It is pricey but the quality is so high, it almost feels like a fabric.

Lucky Charms Wallpaper

Feeling superstitious?  This new wallpaper design ‘Lucky Charms’ by Barneby Gates features symbols of fortune arranged in a classical urn formation.  So if you are the type of person who throws salt over your shoulder if it spills on the table, you know that symbols such as the the horse-shoes, crossed keys, acorns and ladybirds (amongst others) are sure to bring luck to any home!

Plus aren’t they a stylish design?  Available in two colours, I would particularly love the green in a study or library or hall.  I like the metallic effect too and how it would alter the colour of the wallpaper as the light changes during the day.

You can buy wallpaper online from Garrendenny Lane Interiors, including, of course, this new Lucky Charms wallpaper design.

If you are looking for a nice red wallpaper for a dining room, what about this one, Dandelion Mobile in Storm/Coral by Miss Print – perfect if you wish to create a retro look too – aren’t those lights brilliant?

You can buy the Dandelion Mobile wallpaper online at Garrendenny Lane too.

Dandelion Wallpaper Storm with Coral by Miss Print