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Designers Guild have just launched their new collections and looking at the new Castellani wallpaper, the Saraille wallpaper struck me as something different. It is available  in 5 vivid colours that go from a very strong hue to a white. The wallpaper can be hung so the strong colour is either at the top or the bottom.

I’m not actually sure yet if I like it or not – I love the strong colours and I do like the shading, I’m just not sure if I like it shading down to white. What do you think?


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If you are looking for a wallpaper for a nursery that will last the test of time and be neither blue nor pink, masculine nor feminine and yet be perfect for a small child’s bedroom or nursery, I love  Fayre’s Fair by Mini Moderns with its old-fashioned and traditional carousel horses.

Nursery Wallpaper

This charming carousel design is also available in a calm heather and a vibrant teal.

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Putting wallpaper in your hall is great for adding an atmosphere of formality to your hallway particularly if you create formal symmetry with 2 chairs separated by a small console table or similar as in the picture below with the Horse Trellis wallpaper by Barneby Gates.

The Chairs wallpaper is perfect for a hallway too – the subtle stripe in the design will add height and teamed with a chair placed in front of it – it really is a conversation point too. Placing a chair or console table will protect the wallpaper too from children rubbing by the wall as they run by it – well, I’ve found that to be the case and the wallpaper in my hall is still looking good after 4 years!

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We’re going for a Parisien theme this week – as there seems to be a move towards designs that incorporate city landmarks, we thought we’d bring you a favourite wallpaper each day that features Paris and then we’ll move onto another city.

Should you find a wallpaper that features Dublin or any other Irish city, do let me know 🙂

Un Dimanche A Paris – a Sunday in Paris is a really pretty wallpaper by Famille Summerbelle and is available in silver/mustard and red/blue.

There is something really charming and childlike, almost Mary Poppinsesque about this design, I love the figure with the dog and the man on the bike, the glamourous couple walking their dog, the carousel and of course, the iconic structure of the Eiffel Tower. Gorgeous.

What room would you put this wallpaper in? I’d put it in a child’s bedroom or a downstairs loo or a kitchen.

You can purchase Un Dimanche A Paris wallpaper online right here.

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I’m loving this image from the Delphine collection of wallpapers in Harlequin.

Of course, they are showcasing  their designs by creating this patchwork effect but if you have less than a roll of a couple of designs that all have similar tones and co-ordinate (or even clash against each other) it can be a budget-friendly, eco-friendly (preventing waste) and fun way to create a feature wall in your bedroom.

It’s a clever way to incorporate the warm whites, the mustards and yellows, the teals and turquoises and as they are teamed with a plain painted floor and plain bedlinen, it looks superb with a couple of co-ordinating cushions.

Perfect too for if you are a first time wallpaperer as you don’t even have to worry about matching up the repeats within the designs.

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I’m loving this picture of Cole and Son’s Cow Parsley wallpaper in yellow – it looks so vibrant and yet not overwhelming here, quite restful too as it is within a panel and teamed with white.  I have to admit that yellow is not a colour that I have used much in my home despite it being quite sunny.

Isn’t it really restful?  Other yellow wallpapers I like include these by Miss Print : Cotton Tree and Saplings.

Do you have yellow wallpaper in your home?  I love it teamed with white – I think it would put one in a permanently good and positive mood!

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