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Designers Guild have just launched their new collections and looking at the new Castellani wallpaper, the Saraille wallpaper struck me as something different. It is available  in 5 vivid colours that go from a very strong hue to a white. The wallpaper can be hung so the strong colour is either at the top or the bottom.

I’m not actually sure yet if I like it or not – I love the strong colours and I do like the shading, I’m just not sure if I like it shading down to white. What do you think?


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Fancy a cup of tea and some cucumber sandwiches. This new ‘Afternoon Tea’ wallpaper design by Yukari Sweeney design is very very pretty and is perfect for a dining room. Coming in four colourways – Blueberries, Cocoa, zesty Orange and soft Soda, there’s a colour to suit every mood you might like to create:

Wallpaper Afternoon Tea

Isn’t the design pretty? I’m loving the shapes of the teapot and teacup and the jelly or blancmange.

It’s not an inexpensive wallpaper at £150/€195/$295 per roll but it is exquisite.  The quality is so good, it almost looks handpainted.  You can check out the other colourways here as well as buying this beautiful wallpaper online.

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Feeling superstitious?  This new wallpaper design ‘Lucky Charms’ by Barneby Gates features symbols of fortune arranged in a classical urn formation.  So if you are the type of person who throws salt over your shoulder if it spills on the table, you know that symbols such as the the horse-shoes, crossed keys, acorns and ladybirds (amongst others) are sure to bring luck to any home!

Plus aren’t they a stylish design?  Available in two colours, I would particularly love the green in a study or library or hall.  I like the metallic effect too and how it would alter the colour of the wallpaper as the light changes during the day.

You can buy wallpaper online from Garrendenny Lane Interiors, including, of course, this new Lucky Charms wallpaper design.

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It is commonly thought that the Toiles originated in France but they actually originated in Ireland in the mid 18th century and spread rapidly in popularity, they were named toile de jouy after a town in France.

Commonly white or an off-white background,, the pattern is usually in a single colour – blues, reds, greens, or charcoals. The pattern is usually a pastoral scene of people picnicking or beside a river or a floral scene.

However, in this ‘Promenade’ toile pattern by Barneby Gates, the pattern is very different to the traditional toile. It is quirky and depicts fashions from different eras, such as fashionable Edwardian ladies chatting to a 1980s punk and a teddy boy chatting up a flapper girl and many other groupings showing a mixture of eras.

Toile Wallpaper - Promenade

This Toile wallpaper would be fabulous in a bedroom, spare bedroom, dressing room, cloakroom, toilet ….. and of course, it’s a must for fashion lovers.

You can purchase the Promenade toile wallpaper online, perfect if you are looking for a design that looks traditional from a distance but very quirky and definitely a conversation point from a closer perspective.

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Designers Guild’s new Kasuri wallpaper collection has been inspired by the Orient and my favourites are the Yukata wallpaper with its seemingly hand-drawn blooms and almost childish brush strokes.

I love the design of the Madame Butterfly but also the ability to use it as a wallpanel – coming in at 45 cm wide with 4 panels in each roll, it will be 180 cm and is up to 300cm high.

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Do you like wallpaper to tell a story? One of the most impressive and tantalising wallpapers out there (in my opinion) is that of Tea Anyone? by Northern Irish designer Elegantly Deviant.


Inspired by Countess Markievicz and her peers who would saunter into a meeting in their ballgowns (on the way home from a ball or a dinner) and arrange to carry guns from one destination to another, Tea Anyone shows the profile of an aristocratic yet gun-toting fierce lady, as they were in their fight for an independent Ireland.

It is almost three times the width of normal wallpapers at 130cm wide so it is certainly impressive (and that helps to explain the price too) and would look magnificent as wall panels on either side of a master bed or a fireplace in a large drawing room. You can purchase this wallpaper (and others) online here to be despatched to most destinations across the world.

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Feeling the blues?

If you are feeling a bit blue after all the Christmas and new year festivities and you’re still feeling a bit loopy and not quite back into normal work mode yet, this wallpaper would be perfect for you : Loopy Lines wallpaper by Wayne Hemingway for Graham Brown.

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